Agents’ Portal

Giving precise information and instruments to the sales force

Managing a Sales Force is complicated and wearisome. Agents must be followed: information must be given, material must be distributed, events and bargains must be coordinated... it is not simple and the more agents there are, the more time is required.

Furthermore, commision conditions are often different from agent to agent -not only for products and customers-, and the task to complete is necessarily manual in order to control many different situations simultaneously. Or the management software has to be personalised, with high costs and work-hour. Then the management software is often off-line, so emails with various attachments such as statistics, brochures or price lists. It becomes complicated working and finding a useful document in so many emails even for agents.

Our approach allows us to find rapid solutions with limited costs: we develop an appropriate web app, the Agents’ Portal, that interfaces with the management software in real time and extracts data and it immediately calculates them to give to each agent the perfect solution with the necessary instruments.

Our idea is simple: an external application that reads the invoice data and the management software’s orders.

  • it allows to create and configure the commission calculates as they have to be done (often with criteria that the standard management software does not have)
  • it produces samplings and sales statistics
  • it allows the agent to upload data for new potential customers
  • it allows to upload sampling requests
  • it manages the orders gathering
  • it synchronises everything with the management software, but solely where and when it is needed

It is not a huge product that needs to be adjusted with big integration efforts, but it is a light one software that grows according to the company’s need and it does what you decide because we plan it with you, step by step.