Today it is crucial to control and guide the company, with the resources employed at every level:
the people, the time to do things, the existing machinery and software, the investments made ...
Our approach focuses on these results, together with the management and staff of our clients: we think with you, we conceive and design light and immediate, non-invasive tools to monitor and speed up processes and give efficiency.
Management control to improve management.

Sales data

Intuitive and quick dashboards to check and immediately see the most important data: how, where and how much you are selling.

Commercial area / Agents

Flow of offers and estimates, versioning and margin control. Agent portal with commissions, statistics and marketing materials.

Management control

Guiding and monitoring the progress and margins of orders and projects in progress.


We have worked on different areas, here are some of them:

  • CRM software to manage sales network: complex estimates generation and offer, consultation of customer’s data which are synchronised with the management software

  • Agents’ Portal to define, calculate and display to the agents the matured commissions day by day on complex criteria (for pieces sold, for some typologies of items, for period, with rewards etc.). To easily distribute digital informative material ( pdf documents, videos, datasheet,...)

  • Offers management in order to create led and specific offers, checking their profitability and deadline. Management of approval, versioning and changes flow, generation of the consequent order as approved and synchronised with the management software

  • Integrated eCommerce to the management software, data and price lists exports, orders and new clients imports. Agent's account control with the view on one’s own customers

  • Helpdesk and telephone assistance on automotive areas, calls collections and knowledge base creation

  • Statistical sale and warehouse data analysis with advanced pivoting and immediate dashboard with direct access to the management software’s data

  • Industry 4.0 direct installation interface according to the protocol OPC-UA. Commands' console integration on tablet and instant statement with pivoting functionality (filters and aggregations)

  • Sports centre management online subscriptions and secretary’s activity. Reserved area for athlete/family with downloads of receipted bills and automatic request for fees’ renewals